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  • Piece of Tuscan ham– minimum weight 1kg
  • 1 Tuscan salamino 100% pork – minimum weight 500gr
  • wedge of Tuscan “pecorino” cheese, pasteurized milk – minimum weight 500gr
  • wedge of matured raw milk pecorino cheese Caseificio “La Magione” in Monteriggioni (SIENA) – minimum weight 500gr
  • 1 bottle of bio “EVO” olive oil 500ml
  • 1 jar of onion jam and saffron threads product from “Stefania Calugi” 180gr
  • 1 jar of “thousand flowers” / “chestnut” honey (subject to availability) 250gr from “LaPina del Chianti”

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This box, composed of the best of our products, allows you to have an overview of some of our flagship items such as Tuscan raw ham (obtained from pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Italy), which is tastier than other Italian hams to compensate the typical “unsalted” Tuscan bread (not very salty). The beehives of the bees that produce this delicious honey are nestled on the hills of Lamole, 1km from our shop. Cheese and honey are the typical sweet and sour combination for the Tuscan appetizer. Now remains only to enrich it with onion jam and saffron threads and a few tasty slices of ham and salami! This box will take you on a sensory journey in Tuscany and fill the nostalgia for a holiday in our rolling hills!